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Sister State Money Judgment Enforcement

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The Out of Pocket Costs.

We invest our time, experience and efforts to be your percentage partner in contingent fee collection.  There are no charges for any legal services on contingent fee Sister State Money Judgment cases.  We ask our clients to show their commitment to the case by paying for the out- of- pocket cost and expenses of filing the case, serving and recording liens.   

A new case is filed with the proper court and then sent to the outside process server.  We ask for a $575 deposit for the filing fee and probable service of process fees. If all of the initial $575 deposit is used up, the minor additional costs and expenses are billed monthly as advanced. We generally do not incur any major expenses (over $100) without consulting our client. After the service and waiting period, any further costs are for various documents that are obtained from the court clerks, recorded or filed with governmental agencies and served on the debtor or others. Document and filing fees are in the $10 to $30 range, while service of  process fees are from $55 to $65 per service attempt. We do not authorize costly vehicle seizures, keepers, or real property levies without first discussing the cost with our client. If approved, we will request an advance of those out of pocket costs only as necessary and with consent over $100. . If billing for costs and expenses are not paid, no further work or services requiring monetary advances are performed.  


Our staff of experienced attorneys and paralegals conduct in-office, public record, social media and on-line investigations with no separate charges for contingent fee clients.  If we take a case on contingent fee it is because we believe there is a reasonable probability we can recover for our clients and earn a contingency fee.  Only if these efforts are not successful will we suggest outside investigation but will only engage outside investigators with your consent.  

Recovery of Costs.

Costs can be added to the judgment if the cost was paid to governmental agencies or process servers. This usually covers most of the costs.  


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