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Choosing Contingent Fees or Hourly Fees is a risk shifting decision. Each has advantages and disadvantages to both the client and the attorney. There is no advance certainty of how much legal work is necessary so neither the client nor the attorney can do more than predict or guess. The variables are how long legal work will go on and whether recovery prospects make it economically justifiable to spend either new money chasing older bad debts or whether the attorney should put in time to chase a given debtor. Some cases turn out to be easy and settle or pay quickly. Most Donít. By the time they reach Judgment, debtors often deny, deflect, deceive, ignore, are insolvent, go bankrupt or conceal assets. Some Sister State Judgments are only partially collected and some are never collected. See Ready To Start page.


On a contingent fee, we get nothing if we donít recover for you. Also you donít need to put in fresh new money during the collection efforts for legal fees. You only pay the out of pocket costs. We take the risk on putting in our time. See our
Sister State Contingent Fee Retainer Agreement


Hourly fees are charged based on actual time spent on your case. Some cases can result in rapid collection. Others take extensive effort to collect. A few require extensive effort but do not have favorable outcomes. There is no way to know in advance. You take the risk of paying for legal services without assurance of outcome. But if you make the decision and the case is easy, you will pay less than the contingency fee. If you like this option use our
Hourly Fee Agreement


Occasionally (but only occasionally) someone wants a Sister State Money Judgment domesticated only. Assuming there is only a filing and service with no opposition, the fee for this effort is $1,500 plus out of pocket expenses (total about $2,000). Since we canít predict in advance that it will be easy to serve the Judgment Debtor, or that there will be no Motion to Vacate, anyone seeking this fee is asked to engage us with our Hourly Fee Agreement. Once the 30-40 days have expired, your decision will be whether to go forward with recording liens and doing additional collection efforts. 

See Ready To Start page.

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