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Enforce Your California Sister State Judgments

Our law firm provides high quality legal services for the enforcement of your sister state judgments if your commercial debtors are located in the State of California. We process and handle each sister state judgment in-house and do not forward your judgment enforcement claims to other law firms in California. Regardless of where your commercial judgment debtors are located in the state, we can enforce your judgment claims utilizing legal services on your behalf to recover your money. This affords you an opportunity to use an experienced law firm for all of your California sister state judgment claims instead of enforcing your judgment claims using many different firms. It is much easier to have them all managed in just one place by using just one law firm.

We are well seasoned and highly proficient in the enforcement of sister state judgments in California. Having many different resources to not only locate your judgment debtors but having the ability to locate the assets of your judgment debtors, is huge. These resources provide quick and efficient results in finding out what we need to know in order to provide you with enforcement options to handle your sister state judgment claims.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced and dedicated legal professionals. We are of the opinion that we can provide you with one of the best options in the state to enforce your sister state judgments. We utilize an aggressive approach along with strategic enforcement methods and techniques to ensure a rapid turn around time in recovering your money fast!

If you were looking for a call center, that is not what we are, nor is it what we do. Our team provides you with legal options that we can use to enforce your sister state judgment claims. We exercise the best legal options available, with your approval, to recover the money owed by your California sister state judgment debtors. 

Our objective is to enforce your sister state judgment in California as quickly as possible by utilizing any or all legal remedies as the law might allow. We are not a collection mill operation who typically sends letters and makes countless phone calls to your judgment debtors. Our law firm uses fast and aggressive legal strategies in the enforcement of your judgment claims to recover your money as quickly as possible.

Our law firm provides enforcement on sister state judgments ranging from $10,000 to $2,000,000 per judgment claim. We can provide your company with efficient and effective enforcement of your sister state judgment on a competitive contingent or hourly fee basis. Personal service and fast results is what we offer your company with respect to your judgment claims. We can motivate your California sister state judgment debtors to pay. Call us today at 1-800-519-0562 and let our firm initiate a successful campaign to enforce your sister state judgments.

Enforce Your California Sister State Judgment


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